How to Create a Maternity Top or Dress with Elastic

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If you’ve seen or made a knit top or dress that isn’t drafted for maternity, you can easily turn it into maternity wear by adding some elastic to the side seam. The RTW dress I used here is not a maternity garment and it shows, pulling around my belly and creating excess fabric at the back. Although I can get …

How to Sew a Waistband Extender for Jeans - on Maternity Sewing

How to Sew a Waistband Extender for Jeans

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If you’re a jeans-all-day-every-day woman like me, the first thing that probably won’t fit you anymore after you get pregnant are your favorite jeans. With a first pregnancy you might be able to squeeze in for a good few weeks, but with following pregnancies you’ll grow out of them pretty early on. You’ve probably heard of the non-sewing method before …

All about Nursing Clips on

All About Nursing Clips

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Nursing clips (also known as nursing clasps or nursing bra clips) are an important little piece of hardware for sewing your own nursing wardrobe. They’re often used in nursing bras and nursing camisoles but can also be used for nursing tank-tops, nursing swimsuits, and nursing dresses. In this post we’ll explain how they work and what to look for when you …

Sew Pomona on Sewing Self-Confidence After Pregnancy

Sewing Self-Confidence After Pregnancy: Rebecca of Sew Pomona

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Through pregnancy and post-partum our bodies go through massive changes in size and shape, unfamiliar redistributions of weight, and are constantly changing. These changes can be disorienting and can cause even the most self-confident of women to feel alien in her body. Today on the Maternity Sewing blog we have Rebecca from Sew Pomona to talk about how she used …

Tropo Maternity Camisole - Tuesday Stitches - on Maternity Sewing

Introducing the Tropo Maternity Camisole

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The Tropo Maternity Camisole is a Maternity Sewing Exclusive meaning it is available for sale only on Maternity Sewing. The Tropo Maternity Camisole is named for the troposphere – the bottom layer of the earth’s atmosphere – since the camisole is great on its own but also perfectly suited for layering. This fitted camisole has an optional interior shelf bralette …

tutorial on for adding a fabric triangle into the side of a t-shirt

How to Add Fabric to the Side of a Shirt

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When you like the way a shirt fits through the chest and shoulders but it’s snugger on your belly than you’d like, you can easily give new life to an already-existing tee by adding a godet into the side seam of a t-shirt. What’s a godet? A godet is simply a triangle of fabric that adds volume to a garment. …

Laminaria Maternity Swimsuit - Tuesday Stitches - on Maternity Sewing

Introducing the Laminaria Maternity Swimsuit

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The Laminaria Maternity Swimsuit is a Maternity Sewing Exclusive meaning it is available for sale only on Maternity Sewing. The Laminaria Swimsuit was originally released in a non-maternity version by Tuesday Stitches. This new maternity version has been drafted on a maternity block. That means you can select the size you would have worn before pregnancy and sew that same …

Selecting the Waistline on a Maternity Garment

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One of the options Maternity Sewing offers in its comprehensive pattern shop search feature is “waistline”. The waistline can apply to either bottoms or tops and can either be above the belly, below the belly, or nonexistent. We’ll talk you through why you might want to select a specific waistline and show some examples of what that looks like. Bottoms …

Free Bib Pattern - Maternity Sewing

Free Baby Bib Sewing Pattern

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This baby bib is a necessity when your little one starts eating solids. Whether you’re spoonfeeding purees or letting baby dive right in, it’s going to get messy! This clever design is quick to cut and sew. It covers the shoulders and sides of your baby and stays well in place. It can be sewn from a single layer of …