The Maternity Sewing Podcast: Episode 2 - Postnatal Contraception with Dr. Hannah.

Postnatal Contraception with Dr. Hannah: Podcast Episode 2

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In this episode, Erin talks to Dr. Hannah about postnatal contraception. Hannah is a senior resident medical officer in obstetrics and gynecology who also happens to be a sewist. Counseling women on contraceptive options, particularly in the postpartum period, is a big part of her job. In this episode, Hannah introduces several different contraceptive options and explains what you need …

Maternity Friendly Fringe Dress

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Hi Maternity Sewists! I’m Lara, the blogger behind Lara Handmade. When I was pregnant, I focused on sewing patterns that worked for both pregnancy and postpartum and ones that required no pattern adjustments because I’m a #lazysewist. However, I had one maternity dress in mind that required two small adjustments to make it maternity (and postpartum/nursing) friendly. I wanted a …

Maternity Style - Ultraviolet Tee - on

Maternity Style: Ultraviolet Tee

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Specs: Pattern: Ultraviolet Tee by Tuesday Stitches (Also available in maternity version) View A Adjusted for my height Fabric: rayon jersey and polyester crepe At 22 weeks pregnant You know the best thing about these two Ultraviolet Tees? I made them about a year before I got pregnant. The reason they still work so well now is that they are both …

How to Sew a Waistband Extender for Jeans - on Maternity Sewing

How to Sew a Waistband Extender for Jeans

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If you’re a jeans-all-day-every-day woman like me, the first thing that probably won’t fit you anymore after you get pregnant are your favorite jeans. With a first pregnancy you might be able to squeeze in for a good few weeks, but with following pregnancies you’ll grow out of them pretty early on. You’ve probably heard of the non-sewing method before …

Maternity Style - Roscoe Blouse by True Bias

Maternity Style: Roscoe Blouse

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Specs: Pattern: Roscoe Blouse by True Bias View A, size 10 Adjustments for my length (5’10”): 1″ added to bodice and sleeves. Fabric: Polyester crepe At 22 weeks pregnant Today I’d like to show off my new Roscoe Blouse! I paired it with a polyester crepe with a beautiful water color bird print. I’ve had this fabric in my stash …

Sew Pomona on Sewing Self-Confidence After Pregnancy

Sewing Self-Confidence After Pregnancy: Rebecca of Sew Pomona

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Through pregnancy and post-partum our bodies go through massive changes in size and shape, unfamiliar redistributions of weight, and are constantly changing. These changes can be disorienting and can cause even the most self-confident of women to feel alien in her body. Today on the Maternity Sewing blog we have Rebecca from Sew Pomona to talk about how she used …

Maven Patterns

Featured Designer: Maven Patterns

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We’re thrilled to have Sharon of Maven Patterns as our featured designer this month (August, 2018). To celebrate, their patterns are on sale all month! Use the coupon code MAVEN at checkout. Read on to get to know the designer a bit better. How long have you been sewing? Designing? I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t sewing or …

Maternity Style - What to Wear in Summer

Pregnant in Summer: What to Wear

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Every season brings its own advantages and challenges when you’re pregnant. In this seasonal series we’ll give you ideas of what to wear, with inspiration from our shop. No matter what season or trimester you’re in, there’s bound to be something that suits your needs! Here’s a few ideas for your wardrobe when you’re pregnant in summer. 1st trimester These …

tutorial on for adding a fabric triangle into the side of a t-shirt

How to Add Fabric to the Side of a Shirt

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When you like the way a shirt fits through the chest and shoulders but it’s snugger on your belly than you’d like, you can easily give new life to an already-existing tee by adding a godet into the side seam of a t-shirt. What’s a godet? A godet is simply a triangle of fabric that adds volume to a garment. …