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Featured Designer: Maven Patterns

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We’re thrilled to have Sharon of Maven Patterns as our featured designer this month (August, 2018). To celebrate, their patterns are on sale all month! Use the coupon code MAVEN at checkout. Read on to get to know the designer a bit better. How long have you been sewing? Designing? I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t sewing or …

tutorial on for adding a fabric triangle into the side of a t-shirt

How to Add Fabric to the Side of a Shirt

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When you like the way a shirt fits through the chest and shoulders but it’s snugger on your belly than you’d like, you can easily give new life to an already-existing tee by adding a godet into the side seam of a t-shirt. What’s a godet? A godet is simply a triangle of fabric that adds volume to a garment. …