Shirtzie Top & Dress


The Shirtzie Top & Dress is all you need and more! It is designed to be worn without a bra underneath. Multiple sleeve and hem options.

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Stitch Upon A Time


This pattern is suited for all stages of maternity and post-partum – trimesters 1, 2, 3, & 4


The Shirtzie Top & Dress is all you need and more!

Bodice: Choose between Regular or Cross Front option.

Sleeves: There are 3 sleeve lengths included: Short Sleeve, 3/4 Sleeve and Long Sleeve. With each length, you can choose to finish with a hem or cuff. 

Length: You can choose between Crop Top, Shirt Length and Dress Length. With the Dress Length, there are two hem lengths (knee or maxi) and one additional hem style (petal). Mix and match or layer them for a unique look!

Extras: You can add Pockets to the skirt/shirt for versatility and bra Cup Pockets can be added to the bodice for sliding in bra cups.
Also included are extra cut lines for larger cup sizes, with tester success in cup size up to F.

This pattern is the sister to the popular Brazi pattern. That means that like the Brazi, this too is designed to be worn without a bra underneath (but you totally can if you want to!). That also means that the bodice and skirts for both patterns are interchangeable! The possibilities are overwhelming!

Suggested Fabrics

This pattern is designed for knit fabric and requires 40% stretch and 4-way stretch is recommended. For the band and the cuffs, a fabric with at least 5% lycra or spandex is recommended for optimal stretch and recovery.


1 yard 1/4″ elastic for the cross front option
Up to 1 1/8 yard elastic for the waistband. If your cup size is D or smaller, 1/4″ elastic will do. If your cup size is DD or larger, you’ll need 1/2″ elastic for the waistband.


This pattern has interchangeable pieces with the Brazi Bra & Dress.

Click on the “Additional Information” tab for sizing, pattern details, and more.