Nursing in Style - Cinnabar Sky mae by Chipmunks Corner - on Maternity Sewing

Nursing in Style: Cinnabar Sky Dress & Top

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Nursing in Style - Cinnabar Sky mae by Chipmunks Corner - on Maternity SewingSpecs:

As a nursing mom, I no longer choose my clothing by how cute it is, but instead by how easy it is to feed my hungry 14-month-old. It’s a huge bonus when something is cute and nursing friendly. The Cinnabar Sky Dress & Top is cleverly designed to provides stylish nursing access. I was attracted to the design the first time I saw it as the crossover panels are both unique and flattering. It doesn’t cling to the mid-section, but instead floats over it and it quite comfortable to wear. While I’m not currently pregnant, Cinnabar Sky is also designed to be maternity friendly.

Nursing in Style - Cinnabar Sky mae by Chipmunks Corner - on Maternity Sewing

For my version of the Cinnabar Sky Top & Dress, I chose spun poly and made the top version with half sleeves. It would be nice sewn up in a bamboo spandex, modal or single/double brushed poly. I don’t recommend rayon spandex because this top needs good recovery to prevent fashion disasters.

The pattern doesn’t specify what height or cup size it is drafted for, so I recommend making a muslin (or toile) before using your nice fabric. My measurements put me in a solid XL size. I ended up taking in the side seams significantly to get the fit right and prevent the nursing access from hanging open. For my next version, I will size down and add some length to account for my height. I’d say this pattern is for advanced beginner/intermediate sewists as it does require some knowledge of clothing assembly; how to set sleeves, etc.

Nursing in Style - Cinnabar Sky mae by Chipmunks Corner - on Maternity Sewing

This is my first time making a top in this style, so I was interested to see how the crossover was handled. There is a lot of top stitching for this top/dress. My coverstitch machine and I aren’t friends at the moment and I’m not on speaking terms with my twin needle either. I could have used a stretch stitch, but instead opted to try something different. I recently purchased some Eloflex stretch thread after hearing others rave about it. I’ve used it on a pencil skirt and thought I would see how well it worked for top stitching. It was the perfect choice! I used a regular straight stitch and my seams and top stitching stretch with ease.

I really like this style of nursing top as it allows easy access while still allowing me to remain covered. It is subtle, as it doesn’t scream “nursing top” when you look at it. There are no zippers or closures to mess with, which is perfect when I am trying to hang on to a very active, hungry young toddler and don’t have hands to spare. I’m looking forward to making another as I find it stylish and convenient. Both things that are great to have in my busy mom life!

Thanks for showing off your Cinnabar Sky Top Corrie! Want to make one too? You can find the pattern in our shop.

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