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Miss Crayola Creepy on Quilting and Garment Sewing: Podcast Episode 9

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In Episode 9 of the Maternity Sewing Podcast, Erin talks with another Erin, Miss Crayola Creepy, about her journey from quilting to garment sewing back to quilting. She talks about what she’s learned from quilting that helps her with garment sewing (and vice versa) and shares some really exciting news!

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You can find Erin Fosmire at Miss Crayola Creepy and on Instagram.

picking daisies fabric store

Erin F. mentioned the Picking Daisies fabric shop in San Luis Obispo.

Miss Crayola Creepy Fussy Cut Sampler

Some of Erin’s progress on her current quilt. Her blog post about it is here. The book she’s using is The Fussy Cut Sampler by Nichole Ramirez and Elisabeth Woo.

The Kiss Quilt by Libs Elliott

The quilt Erin is going to make for her son Dean is The Kiss by Libs Elliott.

Electron Layette - Baby's first Clothes - on Maternity Sewing

Comment below if you have baby clothes patterns you’d suggest to Erin! And ready our blog post suggesting a couple different layettes we love here.

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[0:11] Welcome to episode 9 of the maternity sewing podcast. is your source for maternity, nursing and postpartum friendly sewing patterns. The maternity sewing podcast is we we have Frank conversations, share stories and offer help and inspiration on things like sewing and body positivity especially during pregnancy and postpartum.
Hi I’m Erin Weisbart, also known as Tuesday stitches. Today I’m talking with another Erin, Erin party. You may know her as Miss Crayola creepy. We’re going to talk about her journey from quilt sewing to garment sewing and back to quilt sewing and she’s got something really exciting to share with us.

[1:05] Hi Erin. Hey Erin, how are you. I’m great. How are you doing? I’m really excited to be here so thanks for asking me to join you guys and invite me to the Erin party. I’m excited. yeah yeah well there ain’t no party like an Erin party. For sure.
Do you mind introducing yourself to our other listeners who may not be familiar with all the Erins out there.
I’m Erin Fosmire. I blog over at Miss Crayola creepy and I’m on Instagram as miss crayola creepy and I’m just like really creepy in general. I am your everyday lady who’s in love with sewing clothing, quilting, reading, knitting, cats, dogs, the color black, and anything coconut flavored. I feel like a lot of you guys listening can relate to that. I think we’re all into some of those things. Most definitely so it seems like to me I notice you as a long time garment sewist cuz that’s my
favorite type of sewing, although like I’m sort of like anything that involves making stuff out of fabric I’m into it. Primarily a garment sewist and it feels like I’ve been noticing you getting a lot more into quilt sewing recently so I was just wondering about what it is about quilting that has been drawing you in?

[2:31] What most people don’t know is when I first started sewing I actually started with quilting. Maybe 2010 or 2011 I’m not 100 hundred percent sure I started taking some quilting classes.In that class that’s how I learn how to use my machine how to use my rotary cutter and my ruler. Most of the basic things that I use daily you know when I’m sewing clothing. Quilting just kind of took the back burner for a little bit once I discovered garment sewing. I always try and get back into it of course I’m always hoarding quilt fabric for the quilts that I’m going to make some day. But I got really into more recently. One of my good friends DeDe she owns a fabric store called Picking Daisies in San Luis Obispo California and she actually made her first quilt last year and it was the fussy cut it was from the fussy cut sampler book. I don’t know if you guys have seen it. It’s written by Elizabeth Hardy and Nicole Ramirez. It was a super cool book she did her first quilt from it. It turned out amazing and then they did this second quilt along and Dede asked me like “hey do you want to do I do this with me.” So I thought yeah this sounds really fun and it was really fun. So I just got super super into it. They’re 48 blocks. I’d have like little quilting get-togethers with my friends.

[3:55] And it was just it just a whole other way of sewing. It’s some of it is similar to garment sewing but in some aspects it’s so different like you.

[4:08] from from doing the quilt you learn how to best cut the fabric to optimize a print or motif.  You get super creative cuz you don’t you’re using fabric scraps for a lot of them some of the pieces are super small. You learn about pattern directionality. What colors and prints go together or what don’t. I have some pretty good blocks that didn’t turn out so great. But I love them because I learned. But at the same time some of that transmits into sewing a garment, it just doesn’t need to fit your body. Which is cool. And with garment sewing you don’t normally make 48 garments as a

[4:46] project but in the quilt there’s 48 little blocks and you get 48 opportunities to make something creative and unique and custom and you so I love it.

[4:55] So that’s just a very super long-winded way of saying that I’m I’m so drawn in by the fun prints of the fabric. And the whole aspect of quilting along with friends it’s just really fun. It’s a cool community. It sounds like a lot of things you identified as being the things that draw you to quilting or the things you learning in quilting are totally applicable to garment sewing as well just on a bigger scale. Yes 100 percent. So it’s really fun to expand your skills all around.

[5:29] That’s awesome and so do you feel like it’s a concern that all of your sewing time is going to turn into quilting time from here on out or will  will garments sewing remain a love for you? Oh man don’t make me choose. Isn’t that like choosing your favorite kid or something?  I can’t really commit to just one thing I always have to switch it up but I love I love wearing a unique garment that no one else has but at the same time I love having this handmade quilt on my couch that I use every single day full of fabric scraps and memories of past projects and the people that I made made the projects for so I can’t I can’t fully commit and say that I’m like

[6:17] you know quilting is my heart and soul right now because I love garment sewing. I don’t know I just I can’t balance it. I love quilting. I love sewing garments. I love reading. and I love knitting and those arethe four things I can never quite balance all four things at the same time. I’m always in love with a few. And one gets the back burner but then it’s a rotation. I think balance is overrated anyway. I mean go big or go home. I tend to more of that. You get super into something and then other things may fall by the wayside for a while. It doesn’t mean you love them any less, you’re just a little more obsessed with one of the other things at the moment. Yes that’s a good way of saying it. Awesome. Well I happen to know that you have some very specific garment sewing that you might be doing these days. So do you want to tell us about this new type of garment showing that will be going on in your life?

[7:18] Yes so if you guys follow me online you’ll know that I recently announced that I’m pregnant. Woohoo! Which I’m super excited about and I want to know so I tell you guys I haven’t told anyone yet but anyone online but can I tell you guys like the gender and the name at all that. Yes we are so excited! My husband Luke and I we’re having a little boy and his name is Dean Were so excited I mean I think everyone’s excited except for my niece Viviana she cried and said it’s a girl it’s still a girl. She wants a boy or a girl I mean so she’s the only unhappy one. Yay. Well we’re super excited for you. Dean will be here
he’s due at the end of February so I don’t know when this is going to be playing or when you guys are going to be hearing this but I’m about 24 weeks right now.

[8:24] So yeah I’ve got a few more months to go. Baby clothes, so that’s on the agenda for sure. And a baby quilt. Awesome and so and it sounds like I already know the answer to this question but we’re wondering if you know if pregnancy is driving your sewing or quilting plans right now and if there is if so if you have any specific plans that you want to tell us about.

[8:51] In a way it is cuz there are things that I want to make and I just hope I’m not being overly ambitious. I’m just
You know I still work 40 hours a week and I start my day most of my days with a 6 a.m. workout and then I’m just super tired by the time I’m done at the end of the day so it’s hard to get motivated to sew. But I do have like some projects I want to work on. I want to do a baby quilt. I’m doing the Libs Elliott pattern called the kiss and then I’m also trying to get a little wall hanging quilt to hang up in Dean’s room. And then I need baby clothes suggestions you guys so if you have any recommendations. I don’t even know where to begin so I’d love the advice from all of you. And then I want to sew some maternity clothing.

[9:45] I definitely will be working the maternity sewing website because I know there’s great patterns on there. I have to make a dress for the baby shower. But other than that I feel like that’s a lot so maybe I should just cool it right there. Maybe that’s all I can handle. That seems like a good amount. I know I mean it sounds like every woman’s pregnancy is different but at least

[10:09] it seems like a common theme for most women is making lots of plans and then sometime the energy to follow through on them while you’re actually pregnant doesn’t necessarily follow along with the plans but you know you’ll get your like bursts of like I swear I mean the nesting thing. I don’t know it was so true for me I was sick miserably sick the entire pregnancy except for I had these totally random bursts of like “must do all the the things” and all the sudden I feel okay for 3 days I have all this nesting energy where I have to like do all the things. I was like painting a wall while eight and a half months pregnant cuz I had energy for a it’s silly. So I’m guessing you’ll have those moments even if for the most part you’re trying to like reign in and be reasonable and temperate with your plans.

[10:59] Yeah we’ll see. I know by the end of the day I’m so tired but on the weekends I feel more productive you know I have the full day to do whatever I need to get done but end of the day after like working out going to work walking the dogs making dinner. I might I just want to chill out and watch some Netflix and drink hot water because I can’t drink a glass of wine. Well that’s a full day. I mean golly it’s hard to find time and energy to sew for so many of us even if you’re not pregnant right and like then adding on the additional the additional work at takes just for your body to do the thing it’s doing right now like that’s a lot so I think you’ve got a really healthy approach to

[11:47]  not building up too many plans and expectations so I commend you on that. Some of us are better than others and not being overly ambitious. That may not be my strength just to be totally honest here. But the planning is the fun part you know. Daydreaming about what can be. Picking out the fabric and the pattern I think that’s so much fun so I guess if I’m too tired to sew at the end fo the day I can just think like okay well I can use these fabrics for a quilt or this yarn for a sweater. The quilts you’ve got plenty of time and so many years for him to love them so if they’re not done by the time he arrives
it’s totally fine.

[12:34] I know baby clothes you always want to stagger up a bunch of sizes anyway so you’ve got stuff like the next size queued and in a closet before they grow into it so just sew up a couple sizes knit up a couple sizes and you have to worry about like having things done by the time a newborn is newly born. Anyway. That’s what I heard to avoid making newborn stuff because they wear it for like a second and then they’re out of it. To all of our listeners, chime in on our blog maternity where we have our show notes but also chime in and suggest some of your favorite baby patterns for Erin here because she wants to know what do you love sewing for babies and we’d love for you guys to chime in.

[13:23] That’s it for today’s episode of the maternity sewing podcast. You can find maternity sewing at maternity you’ll find our curated pattern shop of maternity nursing and postpartum friendly sewing patterns, our blog where we have sewing tutorials and inspiration for pregnant, nursing and postpartum sewists, and the show notes all our podcasts at maternity where we link to everything we talked about today. You can also stay in touch with maternity sewing through our Facebook page, Facebook group and on Instagram as maternity sewing. I’m Erin Weisbart, your host today and co-owner of maternity sewing. You can find me at Tuesday and on Instagram as Tuesday stitches
Our guest today was also Erin and you can find her on her blog at Miss Crayola and on Instagram as Miss Crayola creepy.

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