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Maternity Style: Laminaria Swimsuit

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When I got pregnant, a swimsuit was one of the first things on my list to sew. I’ve always worn bikinis, but in my first pregnancy I had bought a swimsuit to have more coverage. Somehow my pregnant belly just felt more private, and I wanted it covered up. But due to my height (5’10” or 178 cm) I had trouble finding one that fit me. The solution is of course to sew your own swimsuit!

I had never sewn a swimsuit before, and it is a lot of fun! It’s nice to change to a different fabric and different techniques from normal garments. And it is not at all as complicated as I thought. I also feel that being able to choose your fabric is especially fun for swimwear. I love this print, it makes for a unique swimsuit! This fabric and the lining were kindly supplied by FunkiFabrics. I chose this print (also in blue) and this lining in black. The fabric is nice and sturdy and the colors very saturated. Take note that it has a little less stretch than the pattern calls for, so you might want to go up a size.

I did not check the stretch percentage beforehand so it came out a little snug. However, my belly was not very big (due to diminished amniotic fluid and a small baby, in itself not very desirable) so I could still wear it until the end of my pregnancy. I really love the design, it even fit over my low bum and I like how it sits low at the hips. I changed the neckline a bit, basically shaving off two triangles at the top from the point of the V towards the straps (1″ at the strap tapering to nothing at the V). This made the top points sit lower and more towards the outside. My chest is kind of long (deep?) and I have broad shoulders, and I felt this adjustment created a better proportion.

I don’t really go swimming outdoors often, but we do go to toddler swimming sessions at the pool every week so I have put it to good use! And because it was a little snug in my pregnancy, I am still wearing it right now. The gathers at the side are obviously superfluous now, but due to the busy print they’re not that noticeable. And really, I just want to wear my me-made swimsuit so I don’t care!

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