Maternity Style - Cappuccino Cardigan - on Maternity Sewing

Maternity Style: Cappuccino Cardigan

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I have one cardigan that is probably the most worn garment in my wardrobe. It’s actually one that was mysteriously found after a summer of visitors, and nobody claimed it. During my first pregnancy I quickly realized that this design is great for maternity. Then my second pregnancy came along and I decided I needed more of them. In search of a similar patterns, my eyes fell on the Cappuccino Cardigan from Candy Castle patterns.

The fabric is a textured jersey knit, generously sponsored by Minerva Crafts. It’s kind of spongy, it is knit on one side and has larger loops on the other side. I’ve used the knit side for the right side, but looking at the product photos that might actually be the ‘wrong side’. I don’t think it matters much, it’s just a preference! The content is 76% Acrylic, 24% Polyester. Although I would rather choose natural fibers for garments that go directly against my skin, I’ve found that poly knits are perfect for cardigans. They are very warm and usually have a good recovery. The Cappuccino has quite a bit of fabric hanging down the front, and I wouldn’t want it to look too droopy. As for color, this was kind of a wild card. Somehow all the color has gone from my wardrobe in these last few years, so I decided not to play it safe and went with the brightest jersey I could find!

Maternity Style - Cappuccino Cardigan - on Maternity Sewing

And I’m glad I did, as I’ve been wearing it a ton. It makes me feel bright and happy whenever I wear it. Apart from the fuchsia (or cerise, according to the description) it also has these fun loops in yellow, blue and green mixed in. And as I said, it holds in warmth really well. What I like about this design is that you can wear it open or wrap it around your belly. It was easy to sew too, the pattern instructions are straightforward and it comes together quickly. I’d love to make one in a lighter weight jersey too. It doesn’t matter that I’m due in 9 weeks either, this cardigan will keep me (and my new baby) warm all winter!

Check out the Cappuccino Cardigan in our shop! If you like this fabric, check it out at Minerva Crafts. What is your preferred cardigan style?

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