Infinity Dress Sewalong 6: Bandeau Top

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In the final part of the Infinity Dress Sewalong, we’ll sew the bandeau top. Gather your front and back bandeau top pieces, coordinating thread, pins, scissors, and of course sewing machine. A serger is optional. We’re using a contrast thread throughout this Infinity Dress Sewalong for visibility purposes, but we advise you to use coordinating thread for your dress. We’ll walk you through Steps 24-28 of the instructions.

The bandeau top comes in a few options: Two cup size ranges (A-C or D-F), and maternity or regular. Sewing the top follows the same steps for all options.

Step 24: Gathering stitches

Run a line of gathering stitches inside of the 3/8″ (1 cm) seam allowance on the bandeau Front between the bust gathering notches. If sewing the maternity bandeau, also run a line of gathering stitches between the belly gathering notches. Gathering stitches are the same as basting stitches: a long straight stitch. Keep the thread ends long and do not backstitch at the beginning or end. (In this example I’m sewing the maternity bandeau).

Infinity Dress Sewalong 7: Bandeau Top

Step 25: Gather front

Gather the Front, so that it is the same distance between the notches as the back. An easy way to do this is to pin the Front to the Back at the notches. Then pull the upper threads until the gathered fabric fits between the two pins/notches. Even out the gathers by shifting the fabric along the stitches. Put in a few more pins to secure.

Infinity Dress Sewalong 7: Bandeau Top

Step 26: Sew front to back

Sew the front to the back, right sides together, using a 3/8″ (1 cm) seam allowance. Take out the basting stitches.

Infinity Dress Sewalong 7: Bandeau Top

Step 27: Hem

(Note: If you think you might want elastic in the top of the bandeau to help it stay up, read step 28 before completing this step). Fold both the top and the bottom under 3/4″ (2 cm) and stitch in place for a top and bottom hem. Make sure you are using a stretch stitch or zig-zag.

Infinity Dress Sewalong 7: Bandeau Top

Infinity Dress Sewalong 7: Bandeau Top

Step 28: Optional Elastic

If you think your bandeau top needs a little extra help to stay up, when you sew your top hem, leave a 3″ gap in your stitching. Thread a piece of elastic into the top hem of the bandeau and cinch it until it is comfortable. You can use any width of elastic that fits comfortably in your hem allowance. We like to use a safety pin on the end of the elastic to help thread it through.

Abut the ends of your elastic (making sure you haven’t twisted the elastic) and zigzag them together with a wide zig-zag. Finish sewing closed the 3″ gap you left in your top hem.

That’s it, you have finished your bandeau top to wear with your Infinity Dress!

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