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We’re thrilled to have Melyssa of Wearable Patterns as our featured designer this month (March, 2019). To celebrate, their patterns are on sale all month! Use the coupon code WEARABLE at checkout for 15% off. Read on to get to know the designer a bit better.

How long have you been sewing? Designing?

I have been sewing for about 8 years and over that time obsessively seeked to learn as much as I can about the craft via formal lessons, experimentation (i.e. sewing fails!), You-tube, books and magazines. When one of my teachers introduced my to pattern drafting, my science brain was immediately hooked! It was this that led me to studying pattern making at the local fashion school and starting Wearable Studio in 2017.

Melyssa of Wearable Studio

Tell us a bit about where you live/work.

I live in Melbourne, Australia which is a creative and cultural hub with an active sewing and maker community. My daytime job is as a veterinarian so being able to escape work stresses via sewing and craft has been very important. I have a small sewing studio in the spare room of my home which I love to escape into, like many crafters I’m sure.

How do you describe your personal style? Your pattern company’s style?

I tend to choose classic silhouettes and feeling comfortable, but not sloppy, is always a high priority for me. My business style is pretty much a reflection of my own style and I only design items that I would love to wear myself.

Have you been pregnant or nursed? Did you sew for yourself at the time?

Yes I am currently 7 months pregnant. Initially I thought I would sew alot of maternity items for myself but I found that I haven’t sewn much maternity wear. I feel more inclined to plan what I want to sew for my nursing wardrobe and of course, baby clothes!

Tell us about one of the patterns you have for sale on Maternity Sewing. What inspired its design? Why do you like it? Do you wear it yourself?

I currently have the Franki Top pattern for sale on Maternity Sewing. This design was inspired by a self-drafted item that one of my teachers was wearing. The ruffles and ties on the sleeves are my favourites features- I love pretty details like this. Although the Franki top was not designed as a maternity pattern, I found I have enjoyed wearing it while pregnant especially through my second trimester as it sits loosely over the bump and the generous space around the bust, means my growing boobs still fit comfortably within it.

At Maternity Sewing we strongly believe that sewing is an important way to be confident in a changing body. Do you have any words to share about body positivity or self-confidence and how it can relate to sewing?

Body positivity and celebrating all types of bodies is something that I am extremely passionate about. I have found that the sewing community is one place where many body shapes and sizes are represented and it is clear, how many people have found it to be therapeutic and liberating. When I started was learning how to fit patterns to my body, I suddenly realised how unrealistic it was to expect to walk into a store and find clothing that fit perfectly. Unfortunately the vast majority of people do not understand what us sewists know about the complexities of fitting clothing which leads them to thinking there is something wrong with their body, rather than the production system itself. This is very sad. All bodies, in no matter form, are beautiful and should be celebrated- especially post-partum because our bodies are amazing.

Thanks Melyssa! Loved getting to know our featured designer? Check out our other featured designers! And don’t forget to enter WEARABLE at checkout to get 15% off their patterns.

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