Creating Your Maternity Sewing Wishlist

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In the early stage of pregnancy and want to organize ALL THE THINGS you’ll sew for pregnancy? Having a baby shower and want to make it easy for your friends to gift you sewing patterns that will be useful postpartum? In the nursing phase and want to put together a list of sewing patterns you want so your spouse knows what to buy you for Mother’s Day? Maternity Sewing has a wishlist feature so you can build a wishlist that you can shop from yourself or easily share with others!

In order to create a wishlist you need to be logged into a Maternity Sewing account. If you’ve previously placed an order with us, you’ll have an account. If not, you can create one on (where you can also log in with an existing account). You’ll also need to allow cookies so you may need to adjust your web browser settings and make sure you’re not browsing in incognito mode. To add a pattern to your wishlist, simply press the “Add to Wishlist” button on any individual pattern listing in the Maternity Sewing shop.

If you’ve been working on your wishlist and want to come back to it, there are 3 different ways to find it again later. When you’re browsing our shop, you can click on “Your Wishlist” in the sidebar.

On the footer of all of our website, there’s a link to “Wish List” in the My Account column.

Finally, when you’re on your account page, there’s a button to get you to your wishlist.

When you’re looking at your wishlist, there are 3 different ways to purchase a pattern. To the right of each pattern there is an “Add to Cart” button (1). If you want to add multiple patterns to your cart then you can select the individual patterns by checking the boxes to the left of each listing and select “Add Selected to Cart” (2). Finally, if you want to buy all the patterns in your wishlist you can select “Add All to Cart” (3). Please note that when you add a pattern to your cart from your wishlist it will be automatically removed from your wishlist.

Finally, the best part – sharing your list! At the bottom of your wishlist are icons that allow you to share the wishlist on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or by email.




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