Nursing Friendly Clothes Aren’t Always Pumping Friendly

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Being a mother has taught me quite a few unexpected lessons including why it’s great that nipple cream exists, to work on things in small bursts instead of marathon sessions, the beauty that is hand-expressing one’s milk, and that there is (sometimes) a difference between nursing friendly and pumping friendly clothes.  During pregnancy, I had invested in some maternity/nursing dresses …

Kielo Wrap Dress Nursing Hack

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Today Elizabeth is sharing her brilliant nursing hack of a very popular pattern, the Kielo Wrap Dress. It’s an easy one and we’re certain you’ll love it! It’s often said that “necessity is the mother of invention”.  The sewing community has come up with countless clever pattern alterations to make beautiful clothes practical for nursing.  I’m delighted to share with …

Laminaria Swimsuit by Tuesday Stitches - on

Maternity Style: Laminaria Swimsuit

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Specs: Pattern: Laminaria Maternity Swimsuit bij Tuesday Stitches Size US 8, D-F cup Adjustments: Lengthened by 3″, moved strap position Fabric: Folk Art Floral on Flex base and Lining by Funki Fabrics Pictured at 34 and 38 weeks pregnant When I got pregnant, a swimsuit was one of the first things on my list to sew. I’ve always worn bikinis, …