Audrey of Skirt Fixation Talks Maternity Sewing: Podcast Episode 14

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In Episode 14, Erin talks to Audrey of the blog Skirt Fixation about maternity sewing. Audrey talks about her Runway Skirt pattern and her experiences sewing through her 9 different pregnancies.

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You can find Erin Weisbart at Tuesday Stitches is on Instagram and Facebook.

Audrey of Skirt Fixation talks about many of the challenges she has faced while pregnant including miscarriage, grief, pain, and anxiety.

You can find Audrey at her blog Skirt Fixation and on Project Run and Play as well as on Instagram.

Darcy Runway Skirt - Savvy Patterns - on Maternity Sewing

We carry the Runway Skirt from Savvy Patterns sewing patterns in our shop.

Audrey mentioned the jacket cuff ribbing she purchased from Style Maker Fabrics.

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