About Maternity Sewing

When we (Lisa from Paprika Patterns and Erin from Tuesday Stitches) were pregnant, we both noticed that stylish maternity patterns were hard to find. We set out to remedy this by creating Maternity Sewing – a single location to find curated maternity, nursing, and postpartum friendly patterns from a variety of designers. The more that we’ve worked on Maternity sewing, the more our mission has expanded. We want to help you dress yourself, but more importantly, we want to help you feel confident in your body.

Our bodies undergo massive changes during pregnancy, nursing, and postpartum and it can be disconcerting and uncomfortable both physically and mentally. We are here to help you through it.

  • We’ve curated a selection of patterns to take you through all the changes in your body that start with pregnancy. But we know they don’t stop there, so you can browse patterns by recommended usage – for late pregnancy (when your belly is huge and there’s no hope of wearing anything that fit before pregnancy), for nursing (when breast access is essential but shouldn’t how comfortable or stylish your clothes are), or for early pregnancy or postpartum (or whenever in your life that you don’t want garments fitted through the waist).
  • On our blog you’ll find tutorials and tips for sewing maternity/nursing/postpartum clothes and other projects relevant for new mothers along with body positivity, inspiration, and encouragement.
  • On our podcast (coming soon) we expand into stories and conversations around sewing, pregnancy, and parenting.
  • In our Facebook Group we offer a place for you to share your own stories and support each other as a community.

From now on, pregnant, nursing, and parent sewists will only have to go to one place to find the patterns they need to sew themselves a fashionable wardrobe along with the technical and emotional support to feel confident doing so: MaternitySewing.com.

Our Mission

We believe that what you wear is important. Being comfortable in your clothes is an important part of being comfortable in your body. Self-confidence is self-love and self-expression is an important part of both. All women deserve a perfectly fit wardrobe that allows them to express themselves and to feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies. Pregnancy is no exception. By making maternity, nursing, and postpartum friendly sewing patterns easier to find we want to help women feel their best.

pregnant darfurian refugee talking with midwife

We know that we are lucky. There was no doubt for either of us that we would have ready access to maternal healthcare while we were pregnant. Unfortunately, that isn’t true for so many women in our world. We pledge to donate 5% of our profits to the non-profit Every Mother Counts. They work with agencies around the world to improve maternal medical access. We encourage our customers to donate as well.

What We Offer

Tried and True Patterns

Looking for a specific maternity sewing pattern that you’ve seen a friend wear? Remember a certain sewing blogger loving a specific pattern when she was pregnant? Chances are, we carry that pattern! We make sure to stock the best loved maternity sewing patterns out there.

Designers You Trust

You will probably recognize many of our designers. You might even have already sewn some of their patterns yourself! We stock patterns from established designers so you know you can trust the quality of what you buy.

New Patterns

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop being on trend. We make sure to supply you with the latest in maternity patterns. We even publish a line of exclusive Maternity Sewing patterns brought to you by Erin (of Tuesday Stitches) & Lisa (of Paprika Patterns).

Easy Browsing

We know it can be hard to know what you’re getting in a pattern from a new-to-you designer. Our shop features advanced filtering options so you can buy your pattern by dress size and cup size so you know it will fit your unique body. Additionally, you can search by trimester suitability and other features such a nursing compatibility. Read more about our advance search options.