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5 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Last Through Pregnancy

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Newly pregnant and ready to put away your regular wardrobe? Not so fast – you might be surprised at how far your regular wardrobe can take you. No doubt your body will change a fair bit. Not only will you grow a belly, but you’ll probably go up a few sizes overall. It’s impossible to predict how much weight you gain, it seems that a natural predilection to gain weight under normal circumstances has not much to do with weight gain during pregnancy. But that does not mean you’ll need a completely new wardrobe – a good look at your current wardrobe can reveal garments that will last you a good while longer than the first trimester. In general, look for pieces that are not too fitted. Knit garments are great, but woven tops or dresses can work too if they have a bit of ease. There are also garments that can just be worn in a slightly different way to make them fit. Below we’ve listed 5 ways to make your wardrobe last through pregnancy.

1. Unbutton or knot your shirt

After all the work you’ve put into sewing a button-down, how great that you can keep wearing it through your pregnancy? You just need to style it a little different. Wear it open over a dress or cute tank, or knot it just over your belly.

2. Wear Crop Tops

Crop tops are perfect to show off a growing belly. Wearing a long top underneath gives you the opportunity to colour block or create a layered look. (We have a selection of cropped tops in our shop like the Citron Twist Shrug, Roksi Trio, and Ultraviolet Maternity Tee). They’re also great for nursing after baby’s arrival!)

3. Belt it

Oversized tops or dresses can really take you far. The front might ride up a little so it should not be too short to begin with. If you add a belt at empire height you’ll instantly turn it from sack to cute dress.

4. Wear jackets open

5 ways to make your wardrobe last through pregnancy - MaternitySewing.com

If you work at an office or otherwise need a formal dresscode, jackets are your friend. And you can still wear them – just unbuttoned. This way they leave you room to grow in both chest and belly area, and you’ll still look put together.

5. Knot your T-shirt

Even your favorite Tee does not have to be put away just yet. Make a knot at the front over your belly and voilà, another garment that looks like you bought it for maternity.

Have you found more garments in your closet that just need some creativity to make them last? Please share them in the comments!

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